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Jane's Details:

Jane is from Liverpool, Merseyside.

My Name is Jane & I'm 38 years old & Single.

I'm tagged in , , , , , , & seeking Single blokes for a quickie when the mood takes me. .

Women looking for sex

I am a born and bred Scouser who loves music and curling up on my sofa reading a book. I love to cook and it is no secret that I’m a foodie. I rarely go out but with good company, I do not mind. I am a bit shy and even though I am a pretty good dancer, I rarely dance when someone is watching. I love shopping and since I work from home and rarely go out, I do most of it online. And I’m pretty good at finding deals online.

I am easy peasy to get along with and although I fancy a knees up kind of guy since I am a tad quiet myself, it is not a deal breaker. Personal grooming is a big deal for me and I love someone who knows his onions on various topics. Courtesy is a big deal for me and I would like someone with lots of it. In addition, I want someone with a positive outlook on life. Positivity rubs off on people and is a good influence to their lives. That is why I choose it all the time. There you go! If you are interested, give me a bell.

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