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Amy's Details:

Amy is from Greater Manchester, Manchester.

My Name is Amy & I'm 45 years old & Married.

I'm tagged in , , , , , , , & seeking Looking for quick sex in the Manchester area..

UK quick sex wanted now!

We’re just a posh couple looking for UK quick sex, like, right now! and hoping for another couple to make it happen. Nothing too pervy, but we do enjoy a good bit of dogging on the weekends. As long as she’s got a nice set of thrupney bits and he’s got the twig and two veg to make my bird happy, we’d love to get together. Let’s meet up in a pub and talk it out first. We can set all of the ground rules and try to have a good time. So long as you’re not reading this pissed with no chance of following through, send a message!

We’d love to find a couple who don’t mind finding a pair of tights and y-fronts on the bed post in the morning. You need to know how to have fun while keeping things safe for everyone involved. No one wants to end up being up the duff, after all. If he’s seriously looking to shag and she’s not all fur coat and no knickers, then let’s get this started! We’ll set up a time for a ring and see what happens. This is how all fun things really start, anyway, innit? Let’s have a good time!

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